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Find frequently asked questions here. Don’t hesitate to ask away if there is an answer missing, we’re happy to help!

Should I be concerned about Covid 19 restrictions?

Yes and no. Yes, Covid-19 still presents a barrier in freely accessing certain institutions, but as far as our project is concerned, we don’t expect you to go through additional loops and visit places with restricted admission. In the same line, we do not expect you to put yourself in harm’s way and visit risky locations – there are plenty of public institutions which you will be able to assess while upholding essential protective measures (wearing masks, cleaning hands, social distancing, etc.).

What if I don’t complete all 6 checks?

Don’t worry about it. We of course expect you to try your best and complete as many checks as possible, since one of the objectives of this project is to produce a decent set of data regarding accessibility in our countries. But an equally important goal of this project is to provide an educational and enjoyable experience for our volunteers – if for some reason you run into difficulties and cannot complete 6 barrier checks, we will still be satisfied if you come out of this experience enriched with new knowledge and a new perspective.

Do I have to conduct interviews?

In short – no, you don’t HAVE TO conduct interviews if you are uncomfortable with it, or if you cannot reach the persons in charge. However, this is an excellent opportunity to work on your people skills, and we absolutely encourage you to try and conduct as many interviews as possible – not only will the interviews help enrich the outcomes of the project, they will also train you to become a better activist!

Do I have to complete all the checks in my city/town?

You don’t have to do barrier checks in your place of residence, or your hometown – we are interested in data from as many locations in your home country as possible, so you are welcome to complete a barrier check or two during your weekend sightseeing travels. 

Do I have to work in a team?

You will do the online training together with other volunteers and get a chance to know each other, but when it comes to completing the barrier checks in person, you are free to do it on your own or in pairs / teams. Our goal is to make this experience comfortable and fun for you, so you are given the freedom to choose your “working” environment.

Do I have to complete all barrier checks in one day?

You are free to do barrier checks at your own pace, completing one or multiple checks in one day – we expect you to be done by the end of August, but you decide when, where, and whom with to “detect.” 

On average, how long does one barrier check take (in one institution)?

In short: You’re free in organizing your time schedule. Instead of going somewhere on purpose just to do a check, try to include the checks in your daily life activities or walks through your place. In that way you can do the checks while you’re doing a sightseeing trip etc. and it would not take much extra time. 

What if I can not attend the online training on July 14th/15th?

We of course expect you to try your best and attend the online training (for the new friendships you will make, if nothing else!), but in case this really isn’t doable, we will try and record the sessions, so you can see them at least, if not participate.

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